“They’re more like guidelines anyway!”

For those savvy enough to understand that quote, good for you. For the rest of you, go watch some Pirates of the Caribbean…you won’t regret it. I do have a love for things related to pirates; I think the lifestyle has its value. Not having to answer to anybody, doing what you want when you want how you want to do it, and being able to make up the rules as you go. Unfortunately, we can’t all live that way.

There is a reason why we can’t. We have duties to fulfill, especially here in college. Not only do students have an obligation to learn, get their work done, perform on exams, etc., but professors also have the obligation to teach, to keep the students informed, and to prepare them for their future careers. Unfortunately, not every instructor follows those guidelines. I am in a class right now where not only have I not been taught anything, but we have had a switch of instructors, no grades posted, and no schedule as to when we are covering certain topics, or clear assignments. There should be some kind of check and balance system for instructors, so when they are not fulfilling all of their job requirements, they cannot just pull out the phrase, “They’re more like guidelines anyway!”


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